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  NBC    Today    News/Business. Alison Sweeney, Nicolas Cage, Bobby Flay.   
   (2013) Alison Sweeney; Nicolas Cage; Bobby Flay; Vera...  

    March 18, 2013
    7:00 - 11:00am PDT  

and a new documentary about the queen, the first in 20 years. giving viewers a look at her life like never before. we have highlights of that. we want to begin with the new winter storm moving across the country. dylan dryer is in for al. what have you got? >> we have two storms, and they both have a lot of snow with them. one is moving into the northeast and mid-atlantic region is already producing the alerts for the winter weather advisories, winter storm warnings, and it is mostly interior new england where we see the bulk of the heaviest snowfall. even in new york city, we are going to see some snow move in. you can see it is moving through the washington, d.c. area now, although it will eventually change over to rain and move into new jersey through philadelphia, into new york city as we continue through the day, and it extends back into chicago where we will see snow turn over to sleet and freezing rain. this area of low pressure back across indiana is going to move
to the east, northeast through the morning, then we're going to see another storm system redevelop off the mid-atlantic coast. that's the one that brings heavier snow, across new england, and through the ski resorts. we see perhaps up to a foot of snow through parts of vermont into new hampshire and maine as well. it is not going to be a blockbuster storm, maybe an inch or so, you get to boston, we will see several inches of snow today and tonight as well. >> they've had some winter in boston so far. thanks very much. we are following breaking news in indiana where a private plane crashed into a neighborhood near south bend. nbc's kevin tibbles is at the scene. kevin, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. the private jet apparently experiencing technical problems slammed into this neighborhood not far from the south bend regional airport, hitting three homes and killing two on board. >> first i didn't believe i was seeing it. >> reporter: officials say it
departed from tulsa, oklahoma, headed to south bend regional airport when the pilot radioed for help after experiencing equipment problems. >> i happened to see a shadow. i says oh, my god, i said i've never seen a plane this low. >> reporter: a landing attempt failed. >> in route, one of the engine companies witnessed the airplane go down in the neighborhood. >> heard some jet engines coming over, looked up, the plane was coming toward our house. i thought it was going to crash into our house. >> reporter: a twin jet like this one hit three homes before landing, nose first into one of the houses, killing two of the four people on board. >> i just hit the ground. i thought it was going to explode when it hit but it didn't. >> reporter: authorities say it injured two others aboard the plane and one person on the ground. all three were being treated at a local hospital. the crash comes just days after a twin engine plane went down late friday afternoon in a fort
lauderdale parking lot killing all three people on board. >> popped and went down, massive explosion, billowing smoke. >> reporter: in south bend, the community is thankful more weren't hurt. >> today's incident is the kind you hope will never happen. >> reporter: this morning, the investigators continue to comb through the crash site over my shoulder here. ntsb says preliminary report on the cause of the crash could be out in seven to ten days. >> thank you. world leaders, include vice president joe biden are gathering in rome ahead of the installation of pope francis. let's get to keer simmons. >> reporter: good morning. even if it is raining like this tomorrow, this area will still be packed as you say. world leaders are flying in. the pope meeting with the argentina president.
the pope's message, remember the poor, and his style is winning fans for people on the street. as pope francis prepares for the installation mass, vice president biden arrived in rome sunday. it is ordinary men and women that are connecting with the pope in an extraordinary way. francis walking over to a crowd of a few hundred people just to say hello, leaving his security scrambling. then sunday, he greeted tens of thousands in st. peter's square for his first angeles, even making the mass. in the crowd, we met philadelphia's cardinal. >> this is unique. this is a wonderful opportunity. i mean, it is the first time the new pope, pope francis appeared, first time he gives his blessing here. >> reporter: preparations in the same square are under way. we have the setup already, big screens here. you're expecting a lot of
people? >> about a million people expected tuesday for the massive inauguration. >> he has taken all of us by surprise and storm. many of us up close to the situation find ourselves between two emotions of laughter and tears. >> reporter: and many believe his new style means a new direction for the church and the vatican leadership, the curia. >> i don't think we know all about what this pope is going to do. clearly, you know, the cardinals want him to reform the vatican curia, and i think he is going to start doing it symbolically. >> reporter: bishops are told they'll keep their roles. at the end, the pope said go and have lunch. what a great way to win fans to tell them to get something to
eat. >> thank you. >> and i head to the vatican later today to bring live coverage of the installation tomorrow on "today," and coverage begins bright and early. check your local listings. meantime, natalie has the other top stories. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. despite a guilty verdict this weekend, the rape case in steubenville, ohio will press on. a grand jury will investigate whether or not anyone else broke the law by not reporting the rape of a 16-year-old girl at a party last summer. on sunday, two high school football players were convicted of rape, will serve at least a year in juvenile prison. more on this coming up in a live report. republican in fighting broke out at the annual conservative political action conference. nbc's political director chuck todd has the latest. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, natalie. this morning, the republican party is releasing to the public a brutal internal autopsy of what went wrong in the 2012 election. it is a long list of mistakes,
and includes potential ideas for reform. but as you just brought up, the party is trying to rehabilitate its image, solve an identity crisis, and it means feuds are breaking out all over, including one between karl rove and sarah palin. sarah palin stole the show at this weekend's cpac convention, playing more the role of entertainer and standup comedian than a serious politician. >> bloomberg is not around. >> her remarks included a direct shot at karl rove. >> the last thing we need is washington, d.c. vetting our candidates. it is these experts that keep losing elections, you keep getting rehired, raking in millions. architects can head on back -- they can head back to the lone star state and put their name on some ballots.
>> he fired back reminding palin of her political primary. >> if she can plan primaries, other people can. >> if i did, i would serve my term, i wouldn't leave office mid term. >> jeb bush offered tough love to his party. >> all too often we are associated with being anti-everything. >> neither bush nor palin scored with conservatives for the 2006 race. it was rand paul and marco rubio that took top spots in the cpac straw poll. >> that republican party autopsy one of the things they're putting forward for 2006, limiting primary debates to less than a dozen, moving the convention to late june, mid july. a costly six minutes for defensive end dumervil. he lost his spot on the broncos roster after the contract was faxed six minutes after the 4:00
p.m. deadline. the tardy fax made him a free agent and axed an $8 million contract. as you might expect, he then fired his agent as well. this video is a hit online. officials are investigating this incident caught on camera in surfer's paradise, australia. check out what happens when drunken heck letter pushes the street performer too far. human statue david molder apologized for losing his cool but received support from around the world for letting that guy have it. >> all right. >> thanks, natalie. spring starts on wednesday, but it is not going to feel like it. we have snow, ice, heavy rain moving through almost most of the country.
we are seeing the snow from minnesota right over into d.c., it will move into the northeast as we head through the day today. most of that snow in boston. we will check the local forecast after this message. forecast after this message. your local forecast right after this message. ♪ our house is a very, very, very fine house. ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard, ♪ life used to be so hard. ♪ now everything is easy 'cause of you, ♪ ♪ and our la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la, ♪ la, la, la, la. . . . mostly sunny conditions to start. very little to report at all.
maybe some ragged patches at the coast. overall, visibility readings are looking good, 5-10 miles. 70 in livermore. 68 in santa teresa. 70 in gilroy. last dry day before the rain moves in as we head through tomorrow. in particular, wednesday will be a washout. hope you have a great day. latest forecast forecast, matt. we have more on the guilty ron, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. trent mays and ma'lik richmond spend their days as registered sex offenders behind bars in juvenile detention. the fallout far from over. a grand jury will begin investigating whether anyone else should be held responsible for the sexual attack of a 16-year-old girl who finally got some measure of justice here in court. the verdict was guilty, and it hit trent mays, 17, and ma'lik richmond, 16, very hard. >> would truly like to
apologize. sorry to put you guys through this. >> reporter: but it was too late for the ones promising student athletes with dreams of college glory. the judge found them guilty based on eyewitness testimony and hundreds of text messages, many quite graphic, about the attack of the young girl. the victim's mother recorded this message to the boys on audio tape. >> i have pity for you both. i hope you fear the lord, repent for your actions, and pray hard for forgiveness. >> reporter: the family attorney said despite the apology, the young victim has yet to forgive her attackers. >> sure, she's working on trying to do that, and knowing the family, they will work towards accepting that apology and giving forgiveness at some time. >> reporter: prosecutors revealed at least 16 people have refused to cooperate with their investigation, of the alcohol fueled night of party hopping by dozens of teenagers when the victim was raped. possible charges they say include tampering with evidence or failure to report witnessing
a felony. >> we need to say enough is enough. among some people, there seems to be an unbelievable casualness about rape. >> reporter: despite pleas for leniency, the judge said he imposed a tough sentence on richmond and mays to make it clear to them and everyone else that they committed a very serious crime. the two boys could be held in detention for several years until they're 21 years old. meanwhile, the attorney for the victim says while she has some difficult times, she has been able to resume most of her normal life. >> ron, thanks very much. lisa bloom, today's legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the victim does not remember really anything that happened the night of the attack. she learned a lot of the details based on photos and information posted online and in social media. the prosecutors used that same information to kind of create a time line. how does this change the dynamic from here forward?
>> well, what's remarkable about this case and so many cases involving teens today is that this, one of the two boys here was texting as the rape was going on exactly what he was doing, referring to the young girl as dead. when he tried to assert a defense at trial she was cious and aware what was happening, it was undercut by his own words. >> this was not an easy case to prosecute, consent was a huge issue here, and the victim was in eastbound reated, so unable to give consent. >> didn't remember anything. >> what did the prosecution do right? >> they went through all the cell phones of the kids, confiscated them, they looked at photos and videos of what happened. one photo, the girl was strung by her arms and legs by the two boys, being carried off. she looked unconscious in the photo. that was critical in the case. >> the defense would like to bring up some information about the victim's past, but laws in ohio and many other states prevent that. was there more the defense could have done in your opinion? >> i don't think so.
i think this was a tough case for the defense because of all of the admissions by the two defendants. >> now the attorney general in ohio, mike dewine says we're going to convene a grand jury, might bring other people in front of it. there are reports up to 16 people knew about it, texted about it, witnessed it, or did not cooperate. do you expect more charges to be filed? >> i think it is very possible. that's what ignited this case online. it is social media that lit a fire under prosecutors when some said they were covering up, local law enforcement was covering up for the football players. how could so many people have known what happened and failed to help this girl, failed to report. was there a coverup? that's the next stage. >> the question will be asked, is it your moral responsibility or legal responsibility? >> for adults that supervise children, if they knew, they had a legal responsibility to report. >> lisa bloom, as always, thank you very much. here is savannah. >> a 42-year-old mom from california just completed an amazing fete.
52 marathons in 52 weeks. natalie is back with her story. >> good morning. she's such an inspiration. pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the united states. when it claimed the life of julie weiss' father, she wanted to honor him and prevent others suffering the same fate. julie weiss is the rocky of marathon runners. wherever she goes, people flock to her. for julie, the start of the los angeles marathon is actually the beginning of the end of a quest to run 52 marathons in 52 weeks. it all started after julie's father, maurice, died in 2010, only a month after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. >> people don't know what we're dealing with here. this is almost like a death sentence. >> her first marathon a year ago in rome.
from there, she spent 51 weeks with a spring in her step and smile on her face. >> psychologically it was taxing, tiring. >> every friday, she leaves her two kids and 9 to 5 job to hop on a plane, run a marathon and make it back to work monday. along the way, raising $200,000 for pancreatic research. >> we had never had anybody do what julie weiss has done. >> one year, 1300 miles later, her journey is complete. >> pancreatic cancer is my only competitor out there, i intend to beat it. >> julie is not done yet. she's going to keep raising money, wants to run another 52 by 2020. >> natalie, thank you. still ahead, maria shriver at the vatican with the story
behind the pope's choice of name. and eye opening documentary about the queen. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. i'm jon kelley. a memorial growing for a 14-year-old boy tragically killed at a crash in on raceway. the family of marcus johnson owns this muffler shop. friends dropping flowers and balloon and leaving messages of support for the family. johnson was killed saturday night when a car lost control and slammed right into the pit crew. that car happened to be driven by johnson's 17-year-old cousin, chase johnson. >> this is a total tragedy. it really is. it hits the heart. >> it is sad that this happens. it is a risk that we take when we go racing. >> heartbreaking there. a 68-year-old man was also
killed during that crash. the driver, chase johnson, was not hurt. right now, let's check things out outside. christina loren tells us we have a nice dry day before the rain sets in. the clouds will increase as we head throughout the day. pretty cool shot. you can see the sun beating down on the city. no low clouds to report. temperatures are going to climb from the 40s into the upper 50s at the coast and mid-60s as you break for lunch. upper 60s today and low 70s. comfortable weather for one more day. rain comes. 70, livermore. we are not expecting showers to start up until tomorrow afternoon into the evening. wednesday looks like a washout day. let's check up the hurry up and wait. the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. more slowing at south 880. the earlier crash has cleared.
the slowdown has caused congestion to the san mateo bridge. south 280, we see a crash around john daly boulevard. the off ramp there, no unusual slowings. i will track that for you. the northbound and south bay continue to build. >> we will have another local update in one half hour from now. we'll see you then.
♪ 7:30 on this monday morning. we are getting a view of the queen. a new documentary just out reveals her quirks and all. live to buckingham palace for the highlights. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer. >> a lot of fans of those "50 shades of grey" block are clamoring to know who will be starring in the movies when they come out. one young star is speaking out about rumors surrounding her possible role. we will tell you more about that. then tight rope daredevil luke wallenda joins us. he has a big announcement about his next stunt. it is a doozy. first, dignitaries from all over the world or descending on rome ahead of tomorrow's installation of pope francis. we're welcoming back a familiar face to our viewers. maria shriver is at the vatican for us this morning.
good to see you again. >> reporter: nice to see you too, savannah. it's a bit of a blustery morning here. the name choice of francis is historic groundbreaking and hopeful. he chose the name after st. francis assisi, a man known for his humility and awe authenticity and love of the poor. it has many hoping that this pope might take the catholic church back to simpler times. assisi is called the city of peace. pilgrims come from around the world to pray to the saint. for the beloved and poor. his name sends a signal. this will not be business as usual. >> spiritual reclamation that will lead to changes. >> reporter: this is a francescan friar. much came when the pope came out to the public he began by asking
the public to bless him as to other popes that blessed the people first. what has struck you in these first few days that makes you think we're in a new era? >> he appeared in a simple white cossack. riding the bus with the other cardinals and paying his own bill and picking up his own luggage. i think it's that humility and sense of service. that struck me the most. >> here is a 9:00 a.m. in assisi. this is the inspiration behind this pope's choice. the snirs inspiration behind this pope's choice. francis wasn't always saintly. he grew up wealthy and threw the best parties in town, earning the nickname the king of feast. but he gave it all up. sister, here in the basilica, all of these murals really depict francis' life. where does it begin for you?
>> the second one. it is depicting francis giving his cloak to a poor man, a leper. >> he reached out to the leper. this fresco depicts francis praying. this is where he heard jesus give him the guidance to go out and rebuild the church. >> he said go rebuild my church. you see it is fallen to ruin. he rebuilt it literally. >> reporter: when we hear the pope talk about rebuilding the church in the name of st. francis it's about rebuilding the church from inside out. >> exactly. addressing the problem in new ways. calling for renewal, rebirth. >> reporter: people from around the world hope this saint's legacy will be brought to life by this new pope, already known as the people's pope. do you feel that we're at a new
time? >> i think the church is ready for turning a page on many issues and opening the books to other discussions. >> reporter: well, the people of assisi hope this pope will come to their town on the feast day of st. francis which is october 1st, further making his connection between the pope and and the people of this remarkable saint. >> you were there there on saturday. give me your quick impressions on that. >> reporter: the lines were around the block. this is a man who is very comfortable when he came in. he stuck to the script originally and then put it down. he started talking ad-lib. he was funny. and i think the thing that was most moving to me is when he started to talk about why he chose the name when it became clear they had chosen a pope. his friend leaned over to him and said, "don't forget about the poor." he thought about the wars that were going on.
and the concept of peace and that brought him to st. francis and those two things together made him choose that name. a jesuit choosing this name but jesuits are free thinkers and challenge dogma and do a lot of things. by choosing this name a saint who is familiar to a lot of people and bring tissues of simplicity, authenticity and poverty to the forefront, people are really excited about it. >> maria shriver at the vatican this morning. again i'll be there tomorrow morning to bring you complete coverage of the pope's installation live morrow morning right here on "today." >> we want to get a check of the weather from dylan dreyer who is in for al. >> good morning. i don't believe it but this young man is 70 years old. >> 70 years old. >> his first time in new york city. was it worth the wait? >> yes, ma'am, it was you got snowed on a couple of times. but you can handle it because you're from colorado. >> from colorado. we're talking about snow all over the place.
the next storm system is already producing blizzard warnings, started last night but what blizzard warnings not so much because of the ton of snow more the wind gust, up to 50 miles per hour. reducing visibility and making a mess for the morning commute right through minneapolis. snow and ice back into chicago and southern wisconsin too. we're not looking at a whole lot of additional snow except for northeastern minnesota. we could see another 6 to 9 inches. most areas will see another 3 inches or so. then on the east coast again it's the rain and ice and snow that will move into new england, especially a little bit later on this morning into this afternoon where a foot of snow is possible in some of the highest elevations out that way. of the 7:36. now, good morning. i'm meteorologist, christina loren. san francisco, a beautiful day shaping up. our last dry before the rain moves in. mostly tomorrow afternoon into the evening. 68 in santa teresa. 68 degrees comfort right here in san jose. a little bit cooler at the coast, not by much. about 65 degrees in ocean beach. getting into the next couple
days, the rain moves in late tomorrow, continues through wednesday. we're going to clear you out by thursday and enjoy a nice sunny finish to the weekend. did harry approve of the forecast? >> yes. >> just making sure. for your latest forecast any time check it out on >> thank you very much. coming up oscar winner nicolas cage live in our studio to tell us about his new animated movie. a rare glimpse into the private life of the queen right after this. [ poof! ] hey there, henderson family. i'm your rav4 genie. your wish is my command. i wish the old spare tire was gone. really? out of everything in the...okay. [ snaps fingers ] oh no, i meant... i wish animals could talk. much better. i wish the old spare tire was gone. [ laughs ] oh, i wish i could eat as much chocolate as i want. well, your chocolate levels are dangerously low. now gladys is gonna start you on a chocolate iv. and here are some free samples. i wish i was a princess! i want you to avenge my father's death. [ all shouting ] i'm right... i'm right here!
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rare behind-the-scenes look at the queen. first full featured length documentary of the queen. michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace with the story. >> reporter: we found out what does the queen's living room look like. some is the queen preparing for the public eye. the world witnessed the queen as magnificent jubilee year but never seen her in her world
quite like this before. behind the looking glass, like a secret door in buckingham palace all the rep rations, the queen getting ready for a speech. this is her private retreat in scotland where her corkies get some down time and nice bed. her shelves full of family photos. there's a pillow embroidered "it's good to be queen." >> what's special is we brought a real insight into how her life works. >> reporter: and the queen is clearly in control whether meeting privately with the prime minister or sorting out the details of a state dinner.
the queen inspects the table. microphones hidden in the plants and something is not quite right. fruit is too close to the dinner plates and must be moved. after all the splendor when the queen glances at her watch it's time for torch move on the party is over. the queen does something you wouldn't expect her to do like chitchatting with the camera crew about the lighting. you see her kicking something into the fireplace or smoothing out her dress something we didn't know about the queen, she never says the words hello or good-bye. savannah. >> okay. well, good-bye, michelle kosinski. thank you so much. coming up next we say hello to david copperfield. we got "magic monday" coming up
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pen. >> you were quoted recently as saying this is perhaps the best time of your career. why is it such a kind of a prolific time for you. >> don't know. i got out of it. i stopped inventing. then i'm back. i needed that sorbet to refresh the palate. >> you're not morning people. >> you're not used to waking up to me. >> a little startling. >> for 20 years in vegas. congratulations. can i get you anything? >> do you guys see each other's shows? do you check each other's out? >> 15 a week, i usually see 12. >> what about you. >> wish i could see the show. i've heard some amazing things with the great new stuff. >> i have a little tea pot.
>> we're trying t inspire a whole new generation of illusionists or magicians. you have a trick? >> does he need to be awake for it? >> i'll shuffle the deck. say stop. >> stop. >> take the card and show it to the camera. >> okay. all right. i did that. >> didn't see it. >> put it back in the deck. >> anywhere? >> you can shuffle. >> hi. >> beautiful. >> hi, guys. >> now i'm going to -- yeah. ten of hearts? >> no. >> is it the king of diamonds? >> no it's not the king of
diamonds. >> it's a king, those right? >> did you see it? >> i have no idea. >> no it was not a king. >> do you remember what is it >> i do remember, yeah. >> a queen? >> no. >> oh, man. >> this going to come down me telling you what the card is? >> it will eventually. >> it wasn't a king or a queen. jack of hearts >> no. >> wasn't the jack of hearts? >> not the jack of hearts. >> don. don. >> and is this your card, three of clubs? >> oh, my god. >> three of clubs. that's the card right there. the three of clubs. >> he doesn't say much but it's the look that's worth a thousand words. >> that's even crazier in person. >> that's really cool. >> three of clubs. >> how did you do that?
>> it's a magic trick. mostly david. >> what advice would you have for young magicians and illusionists out there? >> to do lots of shows and practice. just like that. >> don't go sleep like that. >> and please, guys, good to have you here. thanks for waking up. we're search forge the next great illusionist. send us your videos. >> coming up, nicholas cage after your local news. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like 8 grams of whole grains in quaker chewy bars. today is going to be epic. quaker up.
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george shirakawa expected to plead guilty on misusing campaign funds and lying to investigators. prosecutors say he spent money on everything from parties and gambling to personal golf trips. if found guilty, he could spend up to a year in jail and be fined $50,000. a special election has been set for this june to fill his vacant seat. right now, let's take it outside. meteorologist, christina loren, telling us a good one ahead. you want to take that seat outside. tomorrow, the rain moves in. look at how beautiful it is in sunol. you still have the green hymns. pore rain means the hills will stay green longer. 68 for san jose. 68 along the east shore in fremont to really come to a condition to persist for today. then, the rain moves in.
by about 3:00 p.m., showers spreading in to the south bay. the sun comes right back out thursday to the upcoming weekend. 7:57. let's check your drive highlights. >> beautiful weather. the drive is standard. 880 northbound past the downtown oakland, a new crash. fremont, looking at the southbound side on this area where 880 bogs down coming out of hayward through union city. down towards mission where 680 and 880 track over. there you see the south bay. your northbound route slowing. 101, not so bad. slowing from 680 up. a new crash on the shoulder. 280 and 85. it shows continued build there. south 84 and south 680 coming down into the sunol area. back to you. >> back at 8:26 with another update. see you then. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date.
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we're back now 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 18th day of march, 2013. we got a nice crowd out on the plaza this morning. expect some wind. we're expecting a little snow later day. an inch here in the city and even more to the north and west. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie. al is taking some time off this week, and dylan dreyer is here. we'll check in with her in a second. the pros are in the building. they will tack tell "hot topics" of the day including reaction to a prominent republican senator who had a change of heart on the issue of same sex marriage and had that change of heart because his own son is gay. then we've got a rare guest live in our studio, nicholas cage is here. he hasn't been on the "today" show in seven years or so.
we're excited to have him here and talk about his role in "the croods." >> he had a lot of people on the edge of their seats. luke wallenda is back with us this morning. he has another stunt up his sleeve and will announce what that is live on our show in a couple of minutes. >> let's head inside to natalie who has a check of today's top stories. >> good morning. officials say the pilot of a private jet that crashed into several homes sunday in south bend, indiana had radioed for help after having equipment problems. the plane traveling out of tulsa, oklahoma was trying to land at south bend regional airport when it went down. two people aboard the plane were killed. two others in the aircraft were injured along with one person on the ground. nearby homes were evacuated because of the fear of a fire or explosion. vice president joe biden is in rome to head the u.s.
delegation at tomorrow's official installation of pope francis. an overflow crowd gathered in st. peter's square to hear the new pope deliver his first sunday blessing. it centered on mercy and forgiveness. matt will be live at the vatican for the installation ceremonies tomorrow here on "today." investigators are searching for the cause of a deadly lacrosse team bus crash. craig melvin reports. >> reporter: at seton hill there's a makeshift memorial for kristina quigley. at a mass on campus sunday night students and faculty remembered the 30-year-old women's lacrosse coach who was six months pregnant. >> it was nice to show how the community and the school showed their support. >> reporter: quigley a baltimore native was in her second season at southeasten hill. >> i'm so sorry for her family. >> reporter: 23 women lacrosse players were heading to a match
saturday morning at millersville. their chartered bus veered off the turnpike outside of harrisburg. it crashed into a tree. quigley and her unborn son were airlifted to a nearby hospital where they died. the bus driver died at the scene. investigators are talking to witnesses, people on board and also look at the role weather may have played to try to figure out what happened. meanwhile a close knit campus mourns the loss of a mother who had another young son and husband waiting for her to get home. >> such a tragic story. that was craig melvin reporting. now on a lighter note a look what is trending today. a quick round up what has you talking online. duchess of cambridge is getting attention after getting stuck in a metal grate.
she pulled her shoe free. it happened while she was presenting st. patrick's day shamrocks to the guard. amusement and disbelief when satan made his appearance in the history channel's hit series "the bible." they say the demon bears a striking resemblance to president barack obama. emma watson smacked down rumors she will play anastasia in "50 shade of grey." who here actually thinks i'm doing "50 shades of grey" as a movie. like really? we have a very important question for ashley haynes in oklahoma. >> ashley you're amazing.
will you go to the prom with me? >> you have to say yes now. you got a lot of support here. we're taking a look at our pick city of the day. in chicago today not going to be a nice one. no. sleet will change over to rain showers. 38 degrees. could create travel troubles at least this morning. there should be some improvement later on today. even though spring starts on wednesday and it doesn't feel like it we're still giving you your pollen forecast. mostly our highest reports coming out of the southeast and down across texas where it has nice warm temperatures above average 80s and 90s. snow basically from north dakota stretching right over into washington, d.c., although we're not going to see accumulating snow in d.c. maybe an inch or so in new york city but more of a new england storm especially late today into tonight. icing is possible acrossery, pennsylvania back into pittsburgh. some severe storms today down across the southeast with hail and lightning and str
the time 8:06. i'm meteorologist christina loren. a live look from emeryville, facing oakland. a little haze here this morning. we've got good air quality. our high pollen levels will drop off once we bring in rain tomorrow, not before we hit the 70s today. 70 in livermore, gilroy, 68 in san rafael. comfortable conditions. rain comes in wednesday, thursday a washout, clear out thursday and friday and warm you up as well. is your latest forecast. savannah? >> thank you. coming up next professionals are here and we'll ask the question is pope francis pope-like enough? nicholas cage live in our studio. and daredevil luke wallenda reveals his next and it is a terrifying one challenge. he'll tell us what he's going to do. but first these messages. i've been claritin clear for 12 days ! when your allergies start,
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we're back now 8:09 with today's professionals. here to weigh in on stories that have a lot of people talking. let's start by talk about pope francis. a lot of people are falling in love with this guy in part because of humility and authenticity. he said i won't stand and greet the opener cardinals on an elevated platform. he rode a minivan. he went to the hotel, checked himself out paid his own bill. so a lot of people like this move to simplicity, a move to the poor. is it possible to take it too far? >> in a way. as pope he has certain security issues that has to be put in place. there are certain things he can't do. he should not be in the public transportation. he can afford to be a man of the people but he really can't be with the people all the time.
>> this morning when he went out of the vatican and greeted some of the faithful at the side there you don't think we'll see this for long? >> to me it's interesting. it's great to do all of this style stuff man of the people. but until the catholic church starts to address what we all know are the real issues that the church has, this stuff doesn't matter. >> it's interesting sitting here today because we have a charismatic christian a jew and a episcopalian. if this man has adopted the name of francis of francis of assisi and deals with the poor, poverty
without birth control begets more poverty. so this is a chance to take the humility and the poverty and say now we're really going to talk about this in a civilized way and move it forward. >> the pope is not going to make those changes like that. it's not happening. >> you have a deeper direction than i intended. i meant on a more superficial level. does this behavior take away from the mystique. >> let's move on. this next story got a lot of attention. senator rob portman, a prominent republican senator who was considered as a running mate for mitt romney has decided he has changed his stance on the issue of same sex marriage. he now supports it after years after being oppose toitd.
the reason is very personal. he says he has a gay son and he wants that son to have all the same rights as anyone else when it comes to marriage. what strikes you about this story? >> barry goldwater. it really takes me back. barry goldwater was frankly became sort of a centrist republican and when his nephew came out of the closet and said he was gay, barry goldwater thought the republican party should be inclusive. what happens to these men once it's in my family tolerance starts to look a lot different and when his son will came out that changed things. >> i always like to give the analogy are you for torture or water boarding. no. how about if torture and water boarding would stop your child from dying the next day. of course. we're all ideologues.
>> as a lawmaker your actions should be grountded in the constitution of the united states. he should be making decisions as a lawmaker and not be making decisions based on -- >> the timing of had strike anyone? he's known his son is gay for the last two years and yet when he was there on the campaign trail supporting the republican nominee he never mentioned anything about this evolving stance on same sex marriage. now the election is over and he does. >> he would still be considered as a vice presidential candidate. >> if the republicans would smart they would funds they move on some of these social issues it would help the party. >> here's one that caught my attention. a player has been banned from soccer team for life. he gave this salute after scoring a goal that federation has said you'll no longer play soccer for life.
does the punishment fit crime? >> as a charismatic jew absolutely. i'm sorry. he's pleading ignorance at this point. >> he's 0 years old. >> he was only pointing to a friend in the stand and didn't know what the salute meant. >> that was a little bit of a lie right from the beginning. he admitted that part that he didn't know that this was supposed to be something negative. you know, i was thinking about this. i place a lot of burdens on young people for use of the n-word for knowledge about what symbols mean. when you're 20 years old and this has not been your experience, can you give him a little bit of room? >> the problem is what he did was awful. >> yes. >> however, he's 20. and a life ban at 20 is unbelievable. prince harry dressed up as a nazi for a halloween party. >> i don't believe, once again i'm speaking as a jewish guy but i don't believe 20-year-olds
don't understand what that means. >> from this player. i'm not a fascist and would not have done it if i knew what it meant. his german coach supported him saying he most likely saw such a salute on the internet or somewhere else dean it without knowing what it means. >> you know what the moral of the story is? we need to educate our youth. when 6 million people die and 20-year-olds don't understand that's a symbol of the atrocity. >> i'm not sure what the punishment should be but a lifetime ban when you're 20 -- >> if he traveled somewhere else do you think they will welcome him? >> he might be in danger. i don't know. >> that was the anniversary of some of the atrocities as it relays. last minute i have. kate middleton is pregnant. have you heard that >> no. >> she was speaking to a soldier at an event over the weekend, the duchess of cambridge and
said she does not know what sex baby she's having but that she's hoping for a boy. all right. should she have said that? >> don't know i believe she said that. >> because of the last videotape? should a mother ever say that? >> why not? >> you do wish much >> i was sitting here think field goal i could adopt a child i would adopt a girl. i want a little girl. >> when you hear people say that and the other sex comes out they go i'm so thrilled. i don't think it should be headlines. if she has a girl the child kate did not want. >> a little girl comes out queen of england. women unite. i'll be thrilled. >> i would love it if she was a tom boy. >> be careful. if somebody says you're a god you say no. nice to have you all back together.
a pleasure. oscar winner nicholas cage is lending his voice to the new animated movie "the croods." he play as protective dad to a prehistoric family. >> think our whole family packed together on a long slow trip across country. we'll tell stories. we'll laugh. we'll become closer as a family. >> keep your gig bibig giant ar your side of the trail. >> dad, i got to go. >> come on you can hold it. >> i'm dying on an empty stomach. >> i'm tired. >> we'll eat when we get there. >> let's talk about the movie. you've not been here since 2006? >> right. slightly different kind of movie. >> you're not a morning person? >> i'm very much a morning
person. i'm gas to be back, actually. it feels good to be here. but, yeah, "the croods" is a whole other kind of movie. it's a family movie. >> what did you like about the part in your character? >> i really care about grug. he's an overprotective father which is where a lot of comedy comes from. but at the end he learns to let go and because of that he has a much stronger relationship with his daughter. >> i love his motto, fear is good, change is bad, anything is fun is bad and never not be afraid. >> that's entirely antithetical to what i believe. it's no secret i've tried to take chances in my career and also in my life and i believe, you know, to not live in fear and i would cringe when i would have to say those lines but that's the character. >> grug is not evolved bullpen as a cave man he evolves through
the movie. designee evolves so much he invents the hug. that's the one thing that grug invents in the movie. i'm proud to that. >> part of his struggle he's dealing with this very rebellious teenager. we had emma stone here the other day. >> what a voice. >> were you a rebellious teenager? >> i was impossible. i'm amazed i'm still alive. i'm very thankful i'm still alive. i'm sure i was a huge cause of concern for my entire family >> you're a father now. >> yes. >> you brought your 7-year-old to see the movie? >> yes. he's grown up watching animation. he went to see the movie. i said what did you think? i was quite under obvious. was there anything scary. he said i was a little scared when i thought you were going to die. i said you know that's not true. he said yeah.
he loves it. he wants to take all his class nights the movie when it comes out and he's drawing pictures testify kroods at home. >> this is obviously a different role four. i was surprised to read you have done more than 70 films. >> yeah. i'm surprised to hear that actually. it went by like a big blur. 70 something movies. wow. i'm only 49. >> you're turning 50 this year. your reflecting? >> yeah. yeah. i think reflection is a good way to put it. i think eventually one day when i'm done with all this i'll only reflect and lead a life of contemplation. >> in the mojave desert. >> will you get out of l.a.? >> i live in vegas. i'm proud of vegas. i think there's a lot of great people there that really care, people involved in the community. it's a great school that my kids go to. i have a very simple life there. the paparazzi might have chased me out of los angeles. >> is it a saner existence
>> for me. i have a simpler life much i get up in the morning. i drive my kid to school. i take my wife to lunch. >> sounds idyllic. >> is it true you turned down "shrek"? >> yes. >> you thought the character was ugly. >> the news said it was because of vanity. that's a bit strong. but, no, the truth is i'm not afraid to be ugly in a movie. but i must say that when you're drawn -- in a way it says more about how children are going to see you than anything else so i care about that. i want kids to look at grug knowing he's a bit scary but he's a big teddy bear. >> nicholas cage, great to see you. don't wait another seven years. come on back. >> thanks so much. >> "the croods" open on friday. >> from one nick to another
tight rope legend luke wallenda plans his highest walk ever across the grand can ron. nick, good morning. in your line of work the grand canyon has to being flight at the top. how did you choose the do it? >> another one on the bucket list. it's a dream of mine as niagara falls. it's the next chapter in my book. it's taller than the empire state building and something i've wanted to do. >> what's the problem? i imagine there's a just right point where you want to be to cross. >> to be honest has to do television because if it's too long of a distance three, four hours of a walk. so, we had to choose a place that was the correct distance and height. >> so as you leave the rim and head on out over the canyon how high will you be? >> about 1500 feet above the river and 1500 feet across on
the navajo nation. >> no harness, no net. do you look down. >> look down all time. that was my setback over the walk over niagara falls. part of that dream was taken away because i had to wear the harness. this event i will not be wearing any tether or safety. >> i've flown across the canyon in a helicopter. there are all kinds of thermals and gusts of air that come vertically. is that one of the biggest factors? >> you know it is for sure. there's a lot of updrafts and down drafts and the winds are hard no predict. i'll do specific training. >> there's a hurricane re-enactment center oil be training in in florida.
and we rekrelt gusts of winds. >> you mentioned your bucket list. what's left on your bucket list after this one? >> i want to walk from one be continent to another. europe to asia. there are many other locations that i want to walk for sure. >> we are excite preponderance of the evidence we can't wait. nik wallenda. good luck. >> thanks so much. >> we're back right after these messages. your local news and weather. ta
your bike is the first car and they say that is for safety reasons. let's see how the morning commute is rolling for mike. >> no delays for b.a.r.t. nothing unusual. that's good stuff. take you for a look at oakland, 880, we see the northbound side continuing with the slowdown. that will be in place another hour until things start to let up. looking at the map, north 880,
west 580, both commute directions, main highway through oakland slow because of crashes as you're going through the commute area. both those crashes sound like they are completely off the roadway. still distraction and slowing continue. northbound route throughout the south. 85 showing a little ease right now. northeast 7th slow. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
♪ 8:30 on this monday morning, the 18th day of march, 2013. we have a lot of happy smiling faces on the plaza this morning. two days before spring. good morning to you. i'm savannah guthrie alongside matt lauer and natalie morales. we have mapped out meals. that pesto will make it fresh. >> we also got an inspirational story of one man who might give
bobby a run for his money. then what sarah palin was up to this weekend that made her one of the most searched people on google. >> all right. just a reminder we hope you'll join us early tomorrow morning. i'll be live in vatican city bringing you all the coverage of the installation mass and ceremony for pope francis i and should be an amazing morning in rome. >> meantime we have seen them disappear before our very eyes. tonight it's the biggest loser finale. good morning, allison, how are you >> good morning. >> we got danny, obviously a huge powerhouse. >> yeah. she's on her own from so early in the season and i mean there's every chance she could have been eliminated. she stuck with it. she knows what it's like to
overcome the odds. >> jeff is a guy who lost about 32% of his body weight. how does he stack up in the competition? >> just that classic -- it's the guy everybody loves. he's young, athletic and wants it. still got weight to lose. he has a fair shot at this. when he left the ranch they were all within 5%. it's anyone's game. >> allison now america will decide the joe or jackson make to it be the third finalist. tell bus them. who will give the best competition >> they both have worked so hard. it's interesting. we had over a million votes. people are super invested in this story. what i loved is joe is that guy, a former athlete. people relate to him in that he wanted to get that back and he's in better shape now than ever has been. jackson is the young story. he's our first openly gay
contestant. he relates to teens and young adults trying to find themselves and trying to take a stand in what's right for them and healthy for them. people can relate to jackson. they both have a shot of kpeefting to win. all four amazing people and have won their life back and now we want to give someone $250,000. >> thank you so much. >> remind everybody the live finale "the biggest loser" is on tonight and the winner will join us here in the studios tomorrow. >> al roker is enjoying some time with his family. dylan dreyer is here with a check of the weather forecast. >> good morning. we have this freezing cold girl from hawaii. did you have to buy a jacket just for your trip? >> yeah. >> good. you don't need it in hawaii. aloha to all her friends and family down in hawaii. we'll see a pretty chilly detain new york city, even some
snowflakes will work in. look at this temperature difference. you go from teens across portions of the northern plains even in the single digit to 100 directly south of that in southern texas. it is going to to be really chilly, very well below average temperatures all through the northern plains into the northeast as well. icing will be an issue across parts of pittsburgh and northwestern pennsylvania, even central pennsylvania. snow will work into the new york city area about an inch or so but most of the heavier accumulations will be across parts of new england especially tonight into tomorrow. we could end up with a foot of snow down in those areas. across the 8:34. if you live in sunol, this is your window. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. green, rolling hills. a few mid level clouds overhead. looking good. no fog to report. upper 60s, low 70s. 66 in oakland, 65 on the way to san francisco today. tomorrow the rain moves in but
not until we hit the second half of the day. by wednesday a washout. thursday, temperatures start to climb back up. we'll get more sunshine and that will hold on all the way through the weekend. for your forecast any time, you can always check out now we're going to head to sanibel, florida. very warm that way. willard scott is here with us. willie. >> here we are. sanibel harbor marriott. always good food, nice people. they take care of you. that's why we're here. i am the world's biggest free loader and i know how to do it right. good do it right. good old smucker's birthdays. we have birthday buddies. this is helen snyder from north wales, pennsylvania. happy birthday. she's 100 years old today. you can't beat that. and this is frank ladd from beautiful papillon nebraska, 100
years old. william mcclain from cincinnati, ohio and he's 100 years old today. happy birthday, sir. you're a gentleman. now take a little look at claire murphy, a sweet thing she s-an irish class, how charming beautiful from altamont in new york state. 100 years old today. happy birthday again houston white. houston bless his heart from rusk in the gate state of texas. he's 100 years old today. wish him a very happy birthday. this is a good yankee girl, betty clayman from roslindale, massachusetts, 100 years old today. a beautiful lady to boot. she does care very much about her appearance. she's a vibrant dresser. i used to be vibrant dresser.
somebody stole my wardrobe. now back to new york. all right. thank you. coming up next the inspiring restaurant owner who is beating the odds and the record books too. but first this is "today" on nbc. the rule is whenever i get something new,
i have to get rid of something. shop like a fashionista. today i got these amazing designer heels. save like a maxxinista. what to get rid of this time? designer brands at t.j. prices. t.j.maxx. we're back at 8:39 with a restaurant in new mexico attracting large crowds for its food and for the remarkable young man who runs it. nbc's janet shamlian has more on this story. >> reporter: it's a hometown favorite. with a diner-like feel and a mouth-watering menu. >> oh, this is my favorite restaurant to go to for breakfast. >> reporter: amid rave reviews, the secret is out. in albuquerque, the restaurant of the moment is tim's place. it's what's not on the menu that counts. the restaurant's owner. tim harris may be the first
restauranteur in the nation with down syndrome. >> thank you for coming to my place today. >> reporter: it's been the 27-year-old's dream since he was 14. >> my dad helped me create the restaurant. my mom did all these pictures. >> your mom gave a lot of support. >> they did. >> reporter: his dad financed and his manager runs it. >> our expectation for tim was always exactly the same as it was for his brothers. and we decided early on that it was going to be a mistake to treat him any differently. >> reporter: tim tauattended a mainstream high school. he is also a special olympian. how many medals do you think you have? >> way more than michael phelps. >> reporter: tim's parents helped him open the restaurant as a way of ensuring his independence. but it's tim who makes the place special. describe what you're in charge. >> the hugs. >> reporter: the hugs. >> i do serve food and drinks, but the hugs. the best part. >> who doesn't like hugs?
>> the breakfast is unbelievable. and you can't beat the hugs. >> reporter: this is a part you'll never see on the check. after all, how do you price a hug? >> when you get a hug, what do you get out of the hug? >> you make that person feel good. and they'll come back again. >> i see tim touch someone's life genuinely every single day. that is meaningful. it's pretty great. >> if you can dream it, you can do it. that's my motto. >> reporter: did you dream this restaurant? >> i dreamed it and i got it. >> this restaurant really will serve as an inspiration for lots of families. >> reporter: as for those hugs, at tim's place, no one is chargi charging. but they are keeping count. more than 32,000 hugs so far. >> i love you so much. i'm glad you're here. >> i'm glad i'm here today. >> reporter: for today, janet shamlian, nbc news, albuquerque. >> so sweet. >> pretty cool story. and today is world down syndrome day, march 21st. >> up next from katie holmes to
the which spider everyone was googling this weekend. first, this is "today" on nbc. hello?
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back now at 8:44 with the "hot topics." google technologist is here to break it down for us. good morning. a little refresher course. this is not the most searched terms just terms that got a lot of traffic. >> we call them trending searches. people can get a snapshot of what people were interested in from friday night to last night. we look at this. try to find more context and we put together this listing no particular order. >> corned beef and cabbage. >> staple for some in the irish traditional diet. we saw people searching for this as a recipe but irish soda bread, shepherd's pie, irish blessing, some fun irish terms were being searched. >> green beer had to be on the
list? >> we didn't see it. thankfully to issue would agree. >> next one is katie holmes. people are interested in her. >> there's this ad campaign for h. stern in brazil she's taking these very let's say risque pictures. people wanted to check out what she wants to look like. >> that's an advertising campaign. jeff gordon test drive prank. this has been getting a lot of activity. >> jeff gordon famous nascar driver and to set the stage basically they filmed what looked like a test drive with car salesman, unsuspecting car salesman where he drives the car all over the road but this is fake. >> it is fake. >> we are pretty confident it's fake. it's an ad for pepsi and chevy but obviously very entertaining and funny. people check this out. confirmed it was fake. >> googling to see the video.
okay. from gordon to jordan we got the jordan retro 13 sneakers. designee got name sneakers. to go with the 15th from speak lee. this came out on saturday. people are trying to figure out how to buy them. i've seen them for sale close to $500. i have no game. >> so are they like the original? >> they look like the original. spike lee and michael jordan have a relationship. >> sarah palin. not surprising she was at cpac over the weekend, the conservative political action committee. >> made a lot of comments that got people's interest. she took that moment to sip from her big gulp drink. people searching on both sides of the aisle republicans and democrats curious about her comments. >> big searches that come to mind that happened over the
weekend? >> one more if we have time to mention it. angola witch spider. this is a slightly disturbing picture. this apparently the claim with this spider it could eat cats and dogs, had to be taken down with a bullet. it's totally fake. people used search to confirm their greatest fears. there is an angola witch spider. >> always interesting to get these insights. thank you. coming up next bobby flay's meals for the work week. but first this is "today" on nbc.
we are back now at 8:49 with today's mapped out meals where we give you four budget friendly recipes. >> he wrote this introduction, bobby flay doing the honors. egg noodles with red per pesto, chicken breasts with asparagus, slow roasted salmon. >> four meals. >> you're going to repurpose some of the things you make early in the week for later. >> absolutely. we'll use chicken 2009 of the dishes and make a sauce which is a red pepper pesto that savannah can you help me?
>> of course. >> fire away. >> meatless monday. instead of a basil pesto we'll make a red pepper basil. start with some red peppers that are roasted. you can buy them in cans. then we'll make pesto. you know was in a basic pesto. >> sure. >> parmesean cheese. you know what those are >> pine nuts. >> and? >> garlic. >> exactly. >> usually when things smell i don't go for it. >> put it all in there. >> okay. >> i don't want to mess it up. okay, great. >> we'll take the top of this. put this on. >> lock it. >> lock and load. all right. >> i don't feel that's very secure. >> i'll do it. >> matt has got it. >> that's the first time it's ever happened.
>> olive oil. put some olive oil. this will make our pesto. this is something that you can keep for a week in your refrigerator. that's what it looks like. now we'll make our pasta. these are old school egg noodles. take some of your pesto. put it right in there. >> whole thing >> couple of spoonfuls. some herbs. some fresh oregano. then we're going to mix this up. give me more pesto. >> okay. i was just saving for later in the week. >> we have plenty. you did a good job. eggplant, a vegetarian dish. i serve this up at one of my restaurants. pest jobs eggplant, fresh herbs and noodles and then put it right into a big bowl because we
want to serve it family style. that looks great. okay. a little bit of ricotta cheese and olive oil. that's monday. tuesday. so tuesday now we'll have chicken breasts here. a lot of people like to cook skinless and boneless chicken breasts. salt and pepper very simple. >> you made a couple of extra because you'll use them later in the week. >> yes. for the entree, we have asparagus. this is so simple. chi chicken, tomatoes, i like goat cheese. very healthy and ton of flavor. >> talk about that chicken again on thursday but now we move to wednesday and we talk about that pepper pesto. >> we saved some of that pesto
you made so easily and this is a salmon. now a lot of times people take salmon and sear it. i put oven at 250 degrees and because the salmon has good fat in it, the fat starts to melt and after it cooks in its own fat it's incredibly silky. >> you going to do it in the oven how long? >> about 25 to 30 minutes. you don't have to do anything else. potatoes, salmon, sauce you made and you're finished. oil take some of our -- >> tuesday chicken. >> a tortilla soup. chick jones broth. read chilies. some of the chicken we saved overnight and lot was ingredients here, ched tar cheese, avocados. we have a beautiful tortilla soup. look how quickly we cooked for four nights. >> explain that broth.
>> was in the tortilla soup. >> chicken brought, red chilies, little bit of posole in here. and this soup is not just an appetizer. it could be a meal. you have the avocado and cheese and cilantro. >> we'll put the shopping list for all these four recipes up on our website at >> stick around for your local news.
. good monday morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. in just a few minutes postal workers from across the country will gather in san francisco to protest boss's plan to cut services. patri patri patri patrick donoho. will speak. they will protest his decision to cut services. christina loren, nice day. >> good morning to you. nice sunny day before thursday, we've got the rain coming in.
highs will hit the 70s bayside 66, at the coast, 63. that rain moves into the north. 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, showers spread south overnight tuesday. hope you have a great day.
...and we've learned much here in california. dale: your state bird is the quail, your state fish is the trout,
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welcome to "today" on this monday morning, march 18, 2013. starting out nice here in manhattan, but we expect we'll get a little winter storm later on today. perhaps a little rain mostly, some snow. we'll check in with dylan drier. it's me and the guys today. jason kennedy and bobby flay decided to stick around. willie and al off on vacation having a good time with their families. >> great to be here. >> jason, you tweeted out a picture yesterday of a very young jason kennedy saying, i'm a huge fan of the "today." >> my dad and mom brought me here every year when i was 14 to 19. i would watch from the plaza. that's my aunt actually. i got my nbc bag in hand. and now to be here with you in front of the glass.
>> and you're here all week long. >> he hasn't changed at all. >> probably my clothing changed a little bit. that was a weird jacket. >> here is the sad thing, 15 years ago i was almost here working in the building. >> oh, my gosh. >> that tells you how old i am. >> before we get to take three, we have to give praise to you. a lot of people were walking through during the st. paddy's day parade. natalie, you were tearing up the streets. you were running for a great cause, athletes to end alzheimer's new york city half marathon. how did it go? >> i'm very stiff walking. going up the stairs today was painful. it was a great run for a great race with a really good cause. a lot of people ran for various charities. i have a strong connection to the alzheimer's foundation. my mother-in-law has early onset alzheimer's. i think they raised $80,000,
athletes to end alzheimer's. thanks to them for allowing me to run with them. we had a great time. >> did you finish? >> of course. >> i thought you retired from marathoning? >> it was a half marathon. i may do a marathon again some day. somebody may twist my arm hard enough. >> give me your arm. >> that's impressive. >> i love doing that. let's get to our takes, okay? moving on. first up, the topic we saw earlier. duchess of cambridge was asked while she was out doing the st. patrick's day ceremonies, she was honoring the irish guards there. apparently one of the guards asked her, so, what would you like to have a boy or a girl? >> i'm surprised that woe have the guts to ask her that question. >> he should be a reporter. >> apparently, according to the officer he said that she said she would like to have a boy. prince william would like a
girl. i guess the question is, how much do we really expect her to reveal? she is not going to reveal anything, if at all. that was surprising. >> she really is a public person. she knows that's her life now. >> she is hedging her bets saying one of each. >> of course. obviously, this is their first. they probably don't know what to expect. when i had my daughter, i was hoping for a boy because as a guy i wanted a boy. guys want to have boys, right? i never really said it. but when i had a daughter, i couldn't imagine having anything else. no one can get you ready for that day. >> it's so true. >> was this caught on camera? no. did this really happen? a couple of weeks someone handed her a teddy bear and said, take this. she almost let it slip this would be perfect for my da --. >> dog, maybe? >> she is being very candid when she makes these public appearances. >> i don't think she is giving
away all that much information. one thing that did give away apparently was her heel. her heel got stuck from a grate. a drainage issue. that happens quite often. when you're five months pregnant, everybody takes a deep breath and says, don't stumble. it's nice when you have her prince nearby to hold on to him. >> everybody needs a prince if your heels go down. >> if only that could happen to all of us, right? that would be our lucky day. i think we are all still reliving justin timberlake's week last week. he was all over fallon and "saturday night live," as well. a lot of us last week were waiting for the "history of rap." >> i want to be this guy. the talent level is through the roof. anything that he does, he does it -- exceeds your expectations. it's amazing. jimmy fallon sings right with him. jimmy fallon wants to be a musician.
deep down. >> it comes out whenever j.t. is around. >> absolutely. when those guys get together, the magic happens. >> let's show the installment of the history of rap number four. take a look. ♪ ♪ your pony ♪ you want to take a ride with me ♪ ♪ rap that i live this way ♪ got $20 in my pocket ♪ this is freaking awesome >> and they know they're awesome. they know that, too. they can pull that off. honestly the "snl" ratings. fallon, an amazing job. he is doing a line album release party for target. he'll talk about how the album came about. he's going to drop a new music video. >> it's been years.
>> exactly. he's gearing up for the jay-z tour for the summer. >> do you worry about overexposure at that level? >> he took seven years off. >> with the music. >> that helped him out. now he is rebranded completely. who has a cooler life than him? he's hosting "snl," then musical guest, then jay-z joins him the last third of the song. >> and married to jessica biel. >> that's why i want to be him. >> take three. the sitcom smackdown. we have a winner apparently. you guys talked about this last week. the greatest tv comedy for the past 30 years. if you could rate them what were they? to answer that question, "new york" magazine held the ultimate sitcom smackdown. criterias were the show had to be made from 1982 onward. also had to run nothing less than three seasons was eligible.
had to be full-on sitcoms, not just sketch shows like "saturday night live" or anything. >> there is the breakdown. i had problems with this thing. i said it on thursday. there was no "full house." there was no "curb your enthusiasm." no "frasier", no "everybody loves raymond." sex in the city knocked out somebody. >> i don't even consider that a sitcom. "cheers" was my all-time favorite. >> it took place in a restaurant that. was an easy one. >> the winner is? >> i'm going to say "the simpsons." >> you're right. >> really? >> congratulations. >> i think it's great. it's great for "the simpsons." >> i feel like you're surprised by that. >> i am surprised by that. i have a whole other bar where i put the simpsons compared to the others. >> i wasn't allowed to watch "the simpsons."
>> that's my wife's favorite show. >> last time i watched it was in college. we do have a bonus take. you'll be taste testing this for us. >> we're the guys doing this. >> yeah. i have to do the news. i can't be smacking gum. wrigley's has a new kind of gum called alert. apparently, it has about half the amount of caffeine. you're wired. you're alert. half a cup of coffee worth of caffeine. it will give you a little bit of jolt. >> doing something for the first time on tv is a great idea. >> especially when you have to talk. >> takes a while to get the gum going. >> how you feeling? >> i feel like i want a cup of coffee with half and half in it. of course we need the caffeine to get going in the morning, but there is something about the ritual of a cup of coffee that sets my day. i don't know how you feel about it. >> this would be good if you want to cleanse the palate after a cup of coffee perhaps.
>> i don't like coffee this. could give me an adult. kids are going to try this. it may be controversial. >> i guess some people will wonder who they are going to market this to. definitely the adult audience. i'm sure kids will try it as they try all things with caffeine. all right. >> thank you, bobby. >> you've got to check on the news. >> i do. >> officials say the pilot of a private jet that crashed into several homes sunday in south bend, indiana, had radioed for help after having equipment problems. the plane traveling out of tulsa, oklahoma, was trying to land at south bend regional airport when it went down. at least two people aboard the plane were killed. two others in the aircraft were injured along with one person on the ground. nearby homes were evacuated because of the fear of a fire or explosion. vice president joe biden is in rome to head the u.s. delegation at tomorrow's official installation of pope francis. meantime, an overflow crowd gathered in st. peter's square
to hear the new pope deliver his first sunday blessing. his message centered on the themes of mercy and forgiveness. matt will be live at the vatican for the installation tomorrow on "today." former secretary of state hillary clinton is announcing her support today for guy marriage. in an online video, mrs. clinton says that guy and lesbian couples deserves the rights of citizenship and that includes marriage. the announcement puts mrs. clinton in line with other potential democratic presidential candidates of 2016. "oz the great and powerful" kept alive at the box office taking in $42.2 million, earning the top spot for the second week in a row. "the call" debuted in second place and "the incredible burt wonderstone" took third place. flying down to rio is more exciting if you don't use an airplane.
these two daredevils swooped over into the brazilian hot spot wearing wing suits and helmet cams. their fascinating footage included a daring pass between two towers with very little room to spare. wow. that is unbelievable. crazy stuff. 11 minutes after the hour. dylan joined us on the set. >> nice sandwich here. as for the weather, we are going to see more snow, of all things. i think we're just getting enough of the snow right now. we have the winter storm warnings posted across the northeast. they extend back into parts of new york and pennsylvania. we also have blizzard warnings well to the west. that's more for blowing snow out that way. from minnesota down into d.c., we have snow falling. we'll see up to an inch or so possible in new york city. most of the accumulating snow will be up in new england, especially the ski resorts. good for them. they are keeping the ski season
9:12. good morning to you. taking a live look at san francisco where we have a little haze. mostly clear conditions, good air quality across the bay area. 70 inland, 74 fairfield, 67 in redwood city and 64 for san francisco as we head through the next couple of days, the rain moves in. tomorrow afternoon, wednesday looks like a washout. then lots of sunshine and warmer weather as we head through the end of the weekend. hoem hope you have a great day. . just because i was left out i had to try the gum. >> we are not advocating you try this. >> i really do feel a difference. >> a little extra alert? >> give me one of more of those. >> extra alert? >> thank you. coming up next, how to find money that could be lying around your house -- after this.
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this morning on "today's" money finding extra money around your house. whether some antics or heirlooms are worth anything. here's your chance to find out. good morning, ladies. we put out the call to viewers and if you have any items that may be worth something end them in to us. they may be worth some money. >> kate has all the secrets. >> kate, if people are out there watching and they think they have some expensive items in the garage or attic what are the key things they should look for?
>> condition is the first one. is the condition good? does the painting have holes or a tears in it. a chair missing a leg. something we can't do much with at an auction house. other items like sterling silver, bits and pieces of jewelry, stamps and comic books. there are other elements you can find laying around-the-house. >> let's take a look at some of the items. starting off with the martini set. this is all silver. >> roberta from new york and her grandmother bought it at auction and supposedly it was given to william randolph hearst. she had no idea of the value. it's a nice piece. it's sterling silver and i would say a lot of the value is in the break. what we mean by that in the weight of the metal. unfortunately it's signed on each cup which you may or may not able to see.
the etchinges can't come off. that will hurt the value. >> no famous names >> not that we noticed. it's signed by the great sterling maker. a lot of the value $1,000 $1500. >> that's awesome. liberace pin. >> liberace gave it to the owner of the fountainbleu hotel. >> in this instance about $400 to $600. if we had a note from liberace and there's a movie coming out, if we had a note to go with to it tie to it the piece, maybe could be more. >> so it's the proof of ownership. >> previous ownership. exactly. >> liberace gave out a lot of
jewelry. >> this is close to your heart? >> my husband said he was getting in on the action. he has thousand comic books setting there. >> your going to part with these? >> not yet. >> find out how much are they worth? >> about $950. there's more in a group which is even more exciting for us. we would like to see what you have. this is interesting, you kept them in good condition. keeping them in the packaging will help the value. >> huge indication of where the value will be. more tearing and yell jog you have on the pages the majority will affect negatively. you're looking for mint condition the better the condition is the more money they will bring. >> $900. will you do it elliot? >> dinner is on me tonight. >> what are mistakes people make when it realize coming to selling something is expensive.
>> they don't gate second opinion. do you it for any household job you're having done do it for your art and antics. another deal certificate help. >> speaking of art. >> this came from liz in west virginia. she just thought it might be worth something because it's old. i think that's a lot of the boat people are in. she couldn't read the signature. >> it's an interesting painting. it's a sea scape. sea scapes bring better money than portraits. about $500. >> guitar? >> signed by sting. >> unfortunately in this instance we would love to have a second person to look at it for authentication purposes. you have a nervous hand doing the signature. if you're doing your signature for 30 years it would be a clean signature. this is a little shaky. we wonder if somebody was comparing a signature while doing it.
>> egg warmer at the end? >> yes. >> never seen one like that. >> how much do you think something like that would go for? >> in this instance under $150 in value because it has no sterling silver marks and standard marks were on everything. so i would love to have that tested. >> guitar was worth? >> it could be less than $300. could it be worth a lot more if we had authentication. >> thank you guys very much. >> i love it. >> i'm not going to steal this or anything. >> coming up, vera will be joining us but first these messages. hey, it's sara. i'm going pro. i've been using crest pro-health for a week. my dentist said it was gonna help transform my mouth. [ male announcer ] go pro. for a clean that's up to four times better, try these crest pro-health products together. [ sara ] i've been using crest pro-health. so feels different.
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good morning to you. it's 9:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. a motorcycle killed on walnut creek at 6:00 p.m. four vehicles were involved in that crash including the motorcycle. a nissan 350 burst into flames after the collision. details of what happened remained unclear. witnesses say the motorcycle and another car were driving recklessly right before. chp investigators are urging anyone who saw that crash to can't them. the man accused of stealing a luxury yacht from the sausalito harbor is expected to return to cornerback court for a preliminary hearing. he's pleaded guilty to theft, receiving stolen property and vand lichlt. prosecutors say he stole the 82-foot sailboat "darling" and ended up beaching it in pacific,
a where investigators caught up to him. he's held in the san mateo jail on $1 million bail. a look at weather and traffic after the break.
welcome back. the time 9:28. taking a look here. this is high atop san bruno overlooking the bay. i want to use this shot to show you how clear it is. clouds will increase steadily throughout the day. mostly cloudy by 5:00 p.m. good air quality. feel free to open the windows in your home. 70 in livermore, concord and napa. 70 gilroy, 60 in san francisco. as we head through the next couple days, that rain arrives late. north bay showers spreading south overnight. going to clear out thursday into friday. check your drive with mike. >> now we're looking at a light drive through palo alto. we're looking toward the taillights. they are slowing down a bit as you pass university avenue and head over the expressway. show you continue down palo alto, our map shows a big, big bog down near moffett and ellis.
two crashes there. aid friend barbara that traveled through the area. she said cars are still there. chp just moving them to the shoulder. there you go. slowing in both directions. southbound is where we do not expect that slowing. it is there now. the rest of south bay, 880, still slow there, 882 oakland starting to recover a bit. a live look past the coliseum. still crawling, starting to ease through san leandro. back to you. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. another news update in a half hour. have a great morning.
back now with more of "today." it is 8:30. jason kennedy from e! and dylan dreyer. al and stephanie are enjoying time with their families. prince. i long loved him. >> a great book. >> also ahead, they are checking in but don't check out. it's the prequel to hitchcock's movie "psycho." >> and from sodium content to serving size the right way to read my transition labels. can be very confusing sometimes and we'll break it down for you. first dylan is here with a check of our weather. snow. we're talking about.
this time the year we're getting the snowstorm that will move into the northeast through the day today. new york city we're not looking at a whole lot of accumulation. just snow falling about an inch or so. most of the snow in new england. icing across pennsylvania and severe thunderstorms are possible down in the southeast where we could see some severe weather later on today. then tomorrow the heaviest of the snow moves up into central and northern new england, a foot of snow is not out of the question. cold air surges in to the plain states well below average temperatures, some isolated thunderstorms down along the southeast into southern florida and it is warm. today it should be in the 100s in parts of texas. tomorrow it stays hot with highs topping out well into the 90s. northwest will also see more rain and wind make its way on shore. another pacific coast storm makes hey, good morning to you. the time now 9:31, taking a live look in sunol.
beautiful day shaping up here. temperatures are going to be very spring-like. first official day of spring is this wednesday. keep that in mind. we have rain on the way for that first day of spring. good air quality today, so feel free to open up the windows in your home. 68 in san jose, 68 fremont, 64 on the way to the san francisco. getting to the next couple of days, temperatures are going to drop like a rock. we're going to bring in the rain but we need it. maybe up to 3/4 of an inch in san jose. that is your latest forecast. natalie? >> 43 years ago alfred hitchcock's film "psycho" changed how we step into the shower other. >> the new prequel explores the relationship between norman bates and his mother. what was it about this script that made you want to do it?
>> it's a love story, tremendous love story between mother and son. it's a study on a love between mother and son. that relationship is dynamic and a very special one. i get to play mother bates which ranges from mother goose to madea. it's an exciting inducing thriller. it was a love story that really was the drama. >> it's not your typical mother/son love. obviously when you're setting up that character of norma bates. >> in some way it is. as mothers we have love for our children in good ways and in bad. and, you know, in that way it's, you know, the greatest love that there is between a mother and child and in that way it's capital r romantic.
the bond between these two very real, very intense. it might be interpreted but that's for the aud dwroens decide. yes they are dysfunctional, as dysfunctional as any typical mother/son relationship. yes they may be too close for their own good. >> it's prequel to the movie "psycho" but you guys are doing this in modern times. you are making up the rules? >> it liberates us from the constraints of the film. conceptually we're barring those characterizations and barring that inevitable plot at any time and it's kind of a backwards exploration how a loving mother and son get to that very tragic end. i think yeah, it liberates us and frees us from those constraints. >> there's a lot of homages to hitchcock. >> there was and always will be a fascination with hitchcock.
he's a master at suspense. he dealt with questions of what is love, what is loyalty, what is sin. the answers are notice severe simple. >> we watched it. it's awesome. >> it's little creepy. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. appreciate it. bates motel premieres tonight at 10:00 on a & e. behind the music of prince coming up after this next. you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. there's nothing mini about me. i'm huge. ahem. any hoo. even my wrapper has a wrapper. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. quality like this... (muffled):...doesn't come everyday.
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i mean, who doesn't want to cut calories and look better naked? you roll around in your birthday suit all day. you're not even wearing a produce sticker. minute maid pure squeezed light. ♪ that of course is "let's go crazy" one of the millimeter hits by prince from his iconic purple rain album. prince had more songs on the billboard 100 charts than any other artist. >> he's known for pushing sexual bound rice.
many of his hits are held in deeply held religious beliefs. >> his new book "i would die 4 u." good morning. >> good morning. >> he's 54 years old. which generation does he relate to the most? he just closed out the south by southwest festival. a room filled by many young people. >> he's a baby boomer. when he blew up in the late '70s, in the '80s he was talking to generation x. he was singing messages that generation x wanted to hear. talking about apocalypse. being part of a divorced family which he was part of. all those things he's connect, he's the sound track of our lives. >> you say this is not a biography but a deconstruction of prince. >> we go through his life. i talked to people who knew him as a child and as a young man. we go through his music and explain what these songs mean.
talking about the song "purple rain" which i didn't fully understood until i dug into it. >> it's about a baptism. >> in the last first he goes into the baptismal message i'm the one, i'm your spiritual leader. rain is a baptismal symbol. it's somebody who is dying and ending their relationship and they want to be object solved. when you end a relationship you feel bad he'll baptize you. >> you say prince carefully cultivated that controversial sexual effect he had. there was question whether he was gay or straight. that was all part of his thing. >> yeah. he's playing with genders. you're talk about. he's playing with race. said his mother was white. his mother of not while. we know his mother was black. it was exotic and cool to see the mix.
it took him out of a box. it was so '80s, multiculturalism. prince did it with gender and with race and tried to say who am i? i'm anything and you can be anything you want to. >> tell me about this basketball match-up at his house in minnesota. you go there. did his guard come down at all? >> yes. we played one on one for about 20rks 30 minutes. >> who won, need are of us were good shots so, you know, there's a tie maybe of 2-2 tie sort of thing. it was just to men, two brothers playing basketball together. the mask came off. it was like playing with a normal dude and talked a little trash to each other. we just had fun. as soon as we finished the mask went back on. while we were playing he's like scoop neck, bell bottoms, then nike air force what -- he's a natural. >> jason was talking about him closing out the south by
southwest. are we seeing a come back for prince? he's on "saturday night live"? >> i don't know. we'll see. he has a song out "screwdriver" that people like. "let's go crazy," 1999 "purple rain." will he come back now with some new thing that blows everybody aa? i don't know. we'll see. but it's great to live in that old music and revel it is. >> too confusing. >> that was meant to sort of confuse and be part of the mystery and break away from the record company. if you called him prince then he was always comfortable with that. that's what happened when we played basketball. i passed the ball to him. he didn't know it was coming. i yelled prince. he laughed oh, you didn't know
what to call me. if you called him prince he didn't care. >> good luck. coming up next,000 really read those confusing nutrition labels. but first these messages. enough about the book, i want to hear about your date. well, he showed up in a van. [ women ] oh-awww. [ voices in background ] [ female announcer ] swapportunity. the opportunity to swap a higher calorie snack for a delicious 90 calorie yoplait light. ♪ sorry... about your date, the details of your date. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. yoplait. it is so good. [ female announcer ] just one swap a day helps keep the calories away. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny. cause only he brings delicious cadbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!
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♪ this morning on "today's" health nutrition labels 101. >> dietician is here to help you understand what to look for on the back of your favorite product. she's the author of "the new you and improved diet." good morning. you'll warm us up first with some questions. >> i'm nervous about this quiz. >> don't be nervous. it's confusing. we're all familiar with reading food packages but between the new advertising panel and all the claims it can be confusing. your first question if something says reduced sodium how much less does it have?
>> i'll go for 50%, b. >> 25%. >> you are correct. told you you would do good. next one. true false. calorie free means no calories? >> calorie free? >> false. >> it's five calories or less. that's not a big deal but it threads the point it's confusing to read these labels. >> let's get one label here we'll show you our nutrition label. this comes from macaroni and cheese and what we're looking for is the serving size which a lot of people can be deceived by that. >> first thing you need to look at is the serving size because the rest of the information on the label will lead back to the serving size. for example we see serving size one cup but serving per container is two. we're in that situation where we picked up a bag of chips or individually packaged muffin and this looks like a serving for me. in the meantime you've eaten
three servings. >> calories per serving and calories from fat. >> here's where the math comes in. i didn't like math. there's 250 per serving. so, for example, in this package it would 250 times two, because there's two servings in the package. so we got 500 calories. calories from fat is left over when people are concerned about fat. fat has a role in our diets but we need to look where the fat is coming from. >> transfat. >> and saturated fat. saturated fat comes from animal products can lead to increased risk for cardiovascular disease. research will show or has started to show there's actually even a little bit of a role for saturated fat in our diet. transfats we know we need none of. here we see three but even if
you see zero grams on the level you must read the ingredient list. if it says partially hyd hydrogenated there's still transfat in there. >> cholesterol and sodium take note of that. >> let's go to total carbohydrates. 31 grams for the one serving. dietary fibers and sugar also listed here and the protein as well. >> five sugars listed here because they are carbohydrates. fiber we want more of. sugar we want to look to avoid. again you have to go and read that ingredient list. looking at the nutrition facts panel is like buying a house without going inside. you need to see where those sugars come from. if you see anything with oats
it's natural sugar. >> in here will be listed vitamin a, b, c, calcium. many people don't get enough of. >> let's see now finally to the last label when you put it all together we're talking about the percent daily value. why is this important right here? >> the percent daily value will tell you the amount of each of these nutrients that you're getting for one serving towards your daily allotment. so below five is low and above 20 is going to be high. so you really need to put this all together. don't forget to read the ingredient list. you need marry the nutrition facts label and the ingredient list to get the full picture of that product. >> don't forget the serving size. thanks so much. coming up -- first "today" on nbc. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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coming up tomorrow matt is live at the vatican along with maria shriver. >> and bobby flay cooks us up something special. >> up next your local news and weather. have a great day, everyone. [ wind howling ] [ female announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] fills you with energy... and it gives you what you are looking for to live a more natural life. in a convenient two bar pack.
this is nature valley... delicious granola bars made with the best ingredients in nature. nature valley. nature at its most delicious. it is 9:56 now. good morning, i'm marla tellez. soon you could be able to track the exact location of every available taxi driver in san francisco by using your smartphone. the city is proposing a new law that would force cabdrivers to transmit their coordinates as part of a new electronic network. any smartphone app that connects
passengers with cabs would have to use the network. the proposal is the response to the growing popularity of services not run by the city including uber, lift and side car. you better enjoy that nice weather while it lasts. meteorologist christina loren is here with a look at your forecast. >> thanks, marla. we've got a good day. rain comes in tomorrow. enjoy while you can. comfy sunshine, good air quality. head to the middle of the week, rain showers tuesday and wednesday, sierra snowfall as well. temperatures dropping significantly. you'll have to pull out that winter coat yet again. we have a nice warming weekend ahead. once we get through the rain high pressure will build in looking good. make plans. temperatures drop into 60s, 50s for wednesday. lots of sunshine, though, thursday through sunday. let's check that drive. good morning, mike. >> good morning. hey, folks, we showed you this shot earlier, half an hour ago. palo alto slow southbound. we had a considerably back-up over the last 20 minutes because
that back-up rippled from oregon expressway to willow. now starting to clear again. this is the clearing stages. map shows you slow passing university. head to mountain view things much better as you're woching ellis, the earlier crash there and moffett, perhaps two crashes. both cleared. northbound side. shows typical slowing. northbound route to san jose continue to improve. 101 slow to 880 where the earlier crash moved off the roadway. looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, nice drive. back to you. >> nothing going on there, mike. thanks so much. back in 30 minutes. ♪
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from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. >> hay, erybody. it's fun day monday. 2013. kathie lee is off 58 on the west coast. don't start any rumors. she is not leaving. lisa is my co-host today. hi! >> you've been a busy lady. >> i try to be. thanks for having me. this is so fun. wine and chocolate to start the day. >> i have to ask but the show you're on. "the apprentice." >> that little show? >> what on earth is wrong with am rosa? i want to show a clip. if you're missing it, we have to
show this. >> i will take you down. i will take you down. >> what kind of lady is that? >> what kind of lady will tell you to be quiet? i'm a grown woman. i run a company. i run half the west coast for okay magazine. you're not going to talk to me like that. >> you run a company -- >> wait. she runs half the west coast for okay magazine? >> i didn't know that. to be honest with you, i didn't know that. >> what's going on with her? >> i thank god that i didn't get put on that team. i'm on the other team. i like amirosa. remember, this is a fake game where you get fake fired. that's really the truth, right? she is a brilliant character. >> this isn't her -- she's not playing herself. >> this is my take on it. this is a character that she's created over how many years? works for her. i like her. >> what about la toya? >> i love la toya.
i have to say. she made a bad decision last night. because she got -- >> she got fired we should not point out. >> what happened is amarosa can be scary. she scares me in that role, wouldn't she scare you? or would you take her down in. >> no. i'm not great -- >> that's the question. what would you do with her in. >> i'm not great at confrontation. however, if someone jumps at me, i have this weird crazy reaction. >> do you? are you like a can the in the corner? >> yeah. i'm very calm. i have a long fuse. but once its over, yeah, i'm a different -- my sister calls it my evil twin. >> really! then would you do fine. you would be fine there. you would. because your evil twin would come out in the board room and you could take her down l.a. toya just got, i think she got scared if she brought her into the board room, because she was crying, or fake crying or
whatever anybody wants to say, she didn't think donald would fire ammarosa. donald was ready to get rid of her. you will see what plays out. it is quite interesting in the next few weeks. she's good, thank god i'm not on her team. she would eat me out and spit me out. she would chew my arm off in a second. she would. then a leg, then god knows what else. i always wanted to drink on this show. >> what do you think about that? about this whole drinking thing on the program? >> i have to tell you, first let me take a sip. >> can i ask about your lips? >> oh, god. seriously? >> i want the record straight. get a close-up on her lips. >> we have to know. just tell what's going on with the lips? are they your lips? are they someone else's lips? what is the story? >> have we not set the record straight? >> i've forgotten. >> here's the story.
25 years ago, i had my lips injected with silicon. stupid thing to do. 24. i saw "beaches." remember that movie? i did it with my best girlfriend. so we go and get our lips done. fine. i have it like that my whole career. cut to a couple years ago i have a doctor remove as much as they possibly can -- >> the silicon in there? >> yes. >> how come? >> it got to the point they were youngly. they get hard. it's gross. so they are now just whatever that was after they took out as much of the silicon as they could. and i find it so interesting that it has become such a big thing. i can't tell you how many girls -- >> ask you about it? >> no. have done their lips. i feel like i'm a pioneer. i'm going to take it on. i was one of the first ones ever to do it and be honest.
>> if you could unring the bell, would you do it again? >> i would do it again. because this is like my career has been all about, i never had a career before i had the lips. so my lips have had their own career. without my lips, i would have had a different career. and that probably would have been a nice career but actually, my lips have had a career. so i guess i'm going to say i can't regret it. >> they look good, girl, they look good. we have to give a shout out to kathie lee. i spent this weekend in florida. we shot a cover for a magazine we're not allowed to reveal yet. >> why not? >> because it is top secret and it is not a slur. thank god. >> is it playboy? >> it's not any of those kinds. so we were shooting that. she had a concert in her home which was a beautiful concert that raised money for something called blood water mission which cleans water for folks in africa. there was a group that sang
there. you're at them. they are called jars of clay. they are a ten them sound like crosby stills and nash in her house. they harmize beautifully. i want to give them a shout out. they won a couple of grammys. can you hear that? in her house. the most beautiful harmony. ♪ >> speaking of songs real quick, beyonce, people have been waiting for beyonce's new single to be released because she has the new cd out. she released it on tumbler. we're not sure if it is a song or an intro. it is kind of weird. it is called "bow down." listen first and we'll tell you what the lyrics are. let's take a listen. ♪ i know ♪ don't forget it don't forget it ♪ ♪ bow down
>> what? >> here it comes. ♪ >> so here are the lyrics. i know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world. don't forget it. bow down bitches. don't think i'm just his little wife. don't get it twisted. this is my -- [ bleep ]. >> those lips, those lips keep getting you in trouble. >> do you know one thing my husband said? he said whatever you do don't -- >> don't repeat it. >> he said don't use a four letter word. whatever you could, don't use a four-letter word. but it's in my monitor. >> no. it was bleeped out. it says s-asterisk asterisk t.
now we have to pay i think it is $10,000. you're paying. >> i'm paying. >> oh, my gosh. [ bleep ]. >> thank you for the late beep. >> it's because you asked me about my lips, you got me all nervous, you got me all worked up. >> i happen to be sitting next to a woman who was very key in the next story we're going to be talking about. ryan sea crest and julian hough have been together a few years. and they're calling it quits after three years. "people" magazine has confirmed they're calling it quits. inroo sea crest is 38. she's 24. when we were in the make-up room and we were bringing the story up, you had some insight, didn't you? >> i have a little teeny bit of insight that nobody knows. about six or seven years ago when i was doing "dancing with the stars" with julianne, she
hasn't come on. i was training with ryan seacrest's trainer. i said you know who would make a great couple? ryan and my friend julianne hough. at the time she was engaged, she was 19, or had a boyfriend. i can't remember. he said i think maybe she is a little young. so at the time they didn't start going out. but he remembered. she remembered. i said you guys would be perfect. >> why did you think they would be perfect? >> i don't know. it's so funny. i don't know. i love to play match maker and for some reason, i said they would be great together. and they then ended up being together and now though i feel a little sad because my match making, it didn't really work out. so i don't know, the point of that i don't really know. i failed but did i come one the idea. they were together for a couple years. i was hoping for an invite to the wedding.
but that's not going to happen anymore, is it? >> no. we have to show a little history. this is what jimmy fallon does every so often with justin timberla timberlake. >> i just love them. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> okay. i want to point out i picked that song on thursday. >> you do? i love that song. >> real quick favorite things. i'm going to show these. if you want your stomach to look flat when you're out, these are the workout pants. look at this extra layer.
this is where the pant usually hits. this is the one that goes up. they're flat on your stomach. i've never seen a more flattering workout pant on your belly ever. it is by -- $89. it is worth the investment. >> my favorite thing ever. these emmy j. hair ties. two girls started them at 13. they are now seniors in high school. you wear them as bracelets. they're hair ties and they don't mark your hair them don't leave a crease. 15% of all proceeds go to charity and these girls will bring in $5 million this year. they were 13 when they started the company. emmy j., i love, love, love. >> what do you have. >>? i know you'll second this. house of cards on net flix. i finished the whole thing this weekend. you can't stop. it is the most -- kevin spacey, robin wright penn. she is one of the most underrated actresses. >> okay.
coming up next, golden and nominated julia stiles is with us. and one hollywood couple reportedly takes a break. >> oh, and while the royal couple will and kate dish about the sex of their baby, but first these messages. fight dryness. roughness. breakage. all 5 signs of damage with pantene. amazing pro-v formulas fight signs of damage for healthier, stronger, shinier hair. dare to take the pantene 5 signs challenge today. i took the dare. will you? pantene. daily moisture renewal. hair so healthy it shines. with totino's pizza rolls. and now when you buy one 40-count bag, instantly get a free bottle of sun drop or sunkist soda.
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this effective cleanser cleans into pores. treats and helps prevent future breakouts. without dyes, parabens, or harsh sulfates. for clear healthy skin. naturally clear skin has never felt so beautiful. [ female announcer ] new acne cream cleanser. only from neutrogena® naturals. julia stiles is one of hollywood's most versatile actresses, it was the dance-off scene in "save the last dance" that caught the attention of people everywhere. and then she was in the action trilogy "bourne" and the oscar winning film "silver linings playbook." in her new film she's a desk job by day and call girl by night. let's take a look.
>> i sit and stare at my computer like a zombie. my co-workers have no idea about me. they have no idea the things that we do together. >> here's the good thing about zbl julia -- while that's running you're completely cringing, how come? >> because it's raunchy. i mean i don't know, when we were filming i was much bolder than i am now. having to sit here and watch it. anyway. yeah. >> your character is so interesting, she's a mom who is an accountant by day and a call girl by night and you're trying to kind of hide this from your son, who happens to be a very, very per secretaryive young boy, isn't he? >> yeah. she's living a double life and her son is getting older, starting to be interested in girls. and -- it turns out that the father of one of his clatmassma
is one of blue's clients. >> that was an awkward scene. when he walks in, you can see the registry in your eyes. >> and what is she going to do with this information. because she could totally expose him to his wife. she ends up kind of blackmailing him later. >> what is it like to play a hooker? >> let's cut right to the chase. >> and what made you want to do this? >> well rodrigo garcia who created the show approached me and asked me if i wanted to be a part of it and at first i was like, oh, the internet -- >> it's like the wild wild west, right? >> it's the way people are watching more and more programming and the read the script and the first scene really hooked me. it was such a great premise and there's so much room for drama when you have this woman who is trying to keep her life together and kind of keep, the lives get more and more overwhelming --
lies get more and more overwhelming for her. >> it gets scary, a guy comes into your apartment and you're trying to keep him out, it's one of the things that call girls have to deal with. >> when we decided to make a second season, i did say to rodrigo, as much as i enjoy the more comic elments of the first season, in order to be realistic about how dangerous the situation can get, we have to have somebody be mean to her. unfortunately. >> we wish you good luck. by the way, each episode is eight minutes, very quick but fun to watch. can you see season blue on the youtube channel called "wigs." >> and we have quick fashion fixes when you're on the go, coming up after this. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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time for our quick fixes, your zipper is stuck -- >> here with quick fixes is "marie claire" fashion editor, marie roberts. >> you two look gorgeous, by the way. >> thank you. >> help us out when the hem falls, what should we do? >> very easy thing, most people have in their house is masking tape or duct tape. i prefer to use a double-sided tape, top stick, pure style works because it grows with the fabric, pop it behind, pull this off, roll it over and stick it it's so easy. >> easier than using staples? >> staples work so much better. i don't know why you wouldn't work. >> we tried the staples at my house, these are good for the school uniforms, too, by the way. >> i use them all the time at shoots and lowering hem is going to destroy a look.
>> and let's talk about lisa's main problem, which is a zipper stuck. >> so often it doesn't matter how expensive the dress or how inexpensive, it gets stuck. you've got the stuck zipper, it's not going to come down. the great way to do this is grab a bar of soap or a wax candle. you rub this, because the oil from this on the teeth. of this. >> but wait, you're going down. >> if you're going to try to -- >> it always gets stuck, you can't go either way. you oil residue of this makes -- >> we didn't think of that, ways in a versace dress, a metal one, seven months pregnant, and the zipper got stuck. harry had to get pliers to fix it because it was metal. and he fixed it. he did. >> i would rather use soap and candles. >> just don't light the candles. >> this is when a button pops. which happens to all of us, you put the button in your pocket
and you lose them. these are twist ties. take the paper off the back of it and you've got the wire and the wire pierces the shirt, simply, she says, not being able to pierce the shirt and it goes through the fabric like so. and then one side and you do the other side. you twist it in the back. >> and that goes through. >> we trust you. all right. the next thing we've got our deodorant. no matter how much the deodorant. no streak, no streak, it will streak, especially on dark clothing. easy, breezy, wet wipes. everyone has those around. avoid the temptation and wet. because that's going to crumble everywhere and get a mess. so hand behind the stain always to give a bit of leverage. >> that cleans a lot of things, by the way. >> you know what else works on
this, you know the hangers that has the foam thing on it. you take the foam thing off and -- >> it just stops it. who knew? >> a couple of seconds, tell us about how to fix our makeup when it's dripping. >> don't be tempted to use makeup remover on the dripping. >> when it's on your sides and your eyes are dripping. >> use a primer. >> as you show us, we're going to go to break and talk buzz with our friend rob shutter after our break. oh my goodness! that's the walmart low price guarantee! bring in your last grocery receipt and see for yourself. save more on the candy your family loves. with low prices on reese's eggs and bunnies, cadbury creme eggs, and all their hershey's favorites. get more easter for your money, guaranteed. with our low price guarantee backed by ad match. walmart. get more easter for your money, guaranteed. mommy! i went potty!
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police say the suspect is a white man in his 20s about 6 feet tall with a thin build. he was seen driving a silver four-door vehicle. after the break, we will check that forecast and also look at the roads.
welcome back now. 10:28, taking a live look at the clear sky before they start to turn dark later this afternoon. you'll notice increasing clouds. area of low pressure slated to bring us another round of rain as we head throughout tomorrow night and into your wednesday.
for today, beautiful conditions persist. 70 degrees on the way to livermore, 65 in san francisco. not too shabby right here in san jose. 68 degrees. full forecast. we'll time out those showers today at 11:00. check that drive with motorcycle. >> 101 through palo alto great. that's fully recovered. we'll check 101 through san jose. northbound not bad at 60. we'll show you the overall look for south bay, northbound routes easing up. 101 through the area one of the heavier regions which wasn't a big deal. north 85 we have finally recovering north towards el camino. we have a crash, slowing on el camino, 82 as well as 85 heading into the area. again, starting to recover as those lanes clear. meanwhile as you head north, things are smooth through fremont. we have one incident, actually two, a stall turning into a crash, same issue. back to you. >> more of the day's top stories in 30 minutes. jon kelley and i hope to see you.
all right we're back on this fun-day monday with today's buzz where we get all the scoop and hollywood gossip. stuff you may have missed over the weekend. >> i'm glad i'm here to hear all about it, here with the scoop from ryan seacrest to madonna, rob schuter. >> launched his own website today -- >> naughtybutnice, how fancy. >> talk to us about ryan and julianne. >> they did break up, she's not home crying, watching sad movie, she's out with her friends at the beach. surrounding herself with girlfriends. this is a girl who has really good friends, they went to the lakers game. there she is, looking at her saying she's out with her friends, surrounding herself with love. i hear she's quite sad about this, but unfortunately these
things happen. it's really their schedule, everyone is looking for drama -- >> harry said to me the other day, how do they ever have time to see one another. >> over the last couple of years, you wonder how much time they've spent together. >> it's very little. his career is ridiculous, he has more jobs than anybody else, but her career is taking off, making movies, dancing. >> tell us about the gender of kate middleton's baby. >> we still do not know. if you remember somebody gave her a teddy bear and they thought she was going to say daughter. she said "da" and stopped. she didn't say "da," she said ah. >> we don't really know. she's not going to announce it. over the weekend she did tell that she would like to have a little boy and he would like to have a little girl.
now that the succession laws have changed, so whoever is the first baby, whether it's a boy or a girl, will be the king or queen of england. so it's big stakes here. >> i love it don't you? >> aw. >> you don't care? >> i'm totally into it. she got her heel caught in a grate. >> i don't know anyone who graceful than kate in getter her heel out of the grate. >> talk to us about "fifty shades of grey" who going to play the lead role? >> it's a group called anonymous, they claim they hacked into a master database of movies in germany and in this database they found out that anastasia would be played by emma watson. very strange. but we believed it. >> she would be good. >> it is not her. >> who should play that role? >> i don't know. i think someone very sassy. or someone that's a surprise. mila kunis, but julianne hough
would nail it upside-down. >> it would be a nice girl, a good girl image. it would be really interesting. >> you went to the gladd awards and you saw madonna present an award to anderson cooper. >> when madonna arrived, she was dressed as a boy scout. she gave the award to anderson. look at her. she said he's very brave. he was very humble. she did point out what a fan of hers he is. that she has seen him at a lot of her concerts. the breaking news, the biggest star of the night who everyone went nuts for, honey boo-boo's mother, june boo-boo. >> it was amazing. >> quickly about the movies "oz" number one? >> yes. and number two, halle berry's movie. the big loser is the one we're all surprised about, is steve carrell's movie, at just $10 million. if you're going to see one
wizard, one magician movie this weekend, it's probably going to be "the wizard of oz." >> rob schuter -- we love you. all right, making spring cleaning fun. >> is that possible? >> we put cleaning tricks to the test. ain our totally new kind of lipcolor l'oreal's innovative formula delivers lasting color like a lipstain with 30% water it's the wet look for my lips. beautifully lasting, shiny, lightweight it's all my lips could want in 12 lasting shades l'oreal's new caresse wet shine stain you're worth it tand delicious, soft caramel. to fill you up and keep you moving, whatever your moves. payday. fill up and go!
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the delightful discovery. the sweet realization that you have a moment all to yourself. well, almost. splenda® no calorie sweetener. splenda® makes the moment yours™. start of spring is just a couple of days away and while you're looking forward to the warmer weather, you're not looking forward to the thing we call spring cleaning. >> not at all. here to help us get the most out of your hard work is the accidental housewife, judy edelman. >> she's going to test our accidental housewife iq, which i'm not liking the beginning of this. >> well this is humility. our first question is one of the biggest things we all do are our windows. the question is -- >> you have someone do them for you. >> yes. >> they need to be done. >> do you do them best to do them on a cloudy day or a sunny
day. >> sunny. >> you're brilliant. cloudy. because on a sunny day, the sun will dry them leaving more streaks. because you're not doing them obviously. the best way to do them -- with vinegar and water, a little bit of this and by the way, you use newspaper, everybody use it is, you know what, it's because think about it, all the ink that's absorbed, they use the paper for a reason, they absorb moisture really well. >> cloudy day. >> are you exhausted? you want to take a break? next, you with ant to clean out your cupboards, you're purple and you're yellow. which of these doesn't have an expiration date -- bleach, vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. >> vinegar. >> you are correct and you are incorrect. >> two for two. >> hydrogen peroxide has one on there and vinegar because it's
acidic never really goes. bleach, actually, too, three to six months. >> come on. now we want to see if you know how to clean. disinfectant spray. i already know you don't. >> i do, too. >> show me how you would clean with a disinfectant spray. >> you're both wrong. >> i'm not done. >> are you done. in order for a disinfecting spray to work, it has to stay on there at least ten seconds. >> come on we've got a lot to do here. so also, spring, we also don't clean certain things we should, like our houseplants, our toothbrush holders and books. match the items, the cleaning item here which is banana peel, powder and a silica gel and listerine to the item you think cleans that. >> this cleans that and this --
>> and this -- >> well, this is going to be -- >> okay. >> well we can clean that up now. now what, hoda, you are correct because we've worked together before. we've cleaned, the banana peel is actually good, because there's dust and you want to get rid of the dust -- >> is someone going to sit here and do this with their -- >> white? you're going to sit here and go like this to your plants? >> and you're going to eat your plants while you do it? >> she does it all the time. >> no, i will not do it. >> you're not going to do anything. >> wait, let us continue. >> now, toothbrush holder absolutely makes sense, we usually clean it in there. you soak it in enough to cover listerine. >> now, here's the interesting one. you both got this right. you're stealing my limelight.
books will get mold in them, and mold is what book lice love to feed on. so there's book lice. >> i have lice in my books? >> so this is the real we buy so many shoes. >> 30 seconds left. vodka. >> now this is something we can talk about. >> vodka and a toothbrush. show me what you would do to clean your refrigerator with vodka and a toothbrush. >> watch out, here we go. >> mold can grow on your gasket and you spray some in your mouth and it helps the job a little. >> oh, god. is that really vodka. >> the winner, who is the winner here? >> give it to lisa, she's the guest. >> i don't want the mop. >> you get the vodka. >> coming up next, you're hired
and you're fired. here you go. i'm going to take this. >> how to give your look that extra boost, we talk to our girl bobbie thomas after this! you can part a crowd, without saying a word... if you have yet to master the quiet sneeze... you stash tissues like a squirrel stashes nuts... well muddlers, muddle no more. try zyrtec®. it gives you powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because zyrtec® starts working at hour one on the first day you take it. claritin® doesn't start working until hour three. zyrtec®. love the air. and there's juicy chicken best foods is the secret to making parmesan crusted chicken so juicy so delicious it's your secret to making dinner disappear best foods. bring out the best to making dinner disappear
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♪ ♪ >> announcer: today's style is brought to you by yoplait, learn how to take your look from good to so good, with tips from today's style experts. >> and time for today's style and even when you think you've got it all together, there are usually a few ways you can take your style from good to so good. >> it's so true and here with some wardrobe tricks to take your look to that next level is today's style editor,'s bobbie thomas. >> our girl bt. >> i love this segment. >> this is such a great idea, you take a photo of someone who looks pretty good and you make them look even better.
>> i want your pictures, everybody looks good. there are no fashion disasters. >> tweet bobbie and her twitter handle is bobbiethomas, simple, all one word. >> we're going to start with rene, a military mom i met, she was a friend of somebody here on the show and she told me she had just moved to virginia from the west coast, she has a casual wardrobe. like many when she wanted to dress up she's got a nice pair of slacks on. she put the cardigan and the tighter-fitting top. she said she's afraid of suits, they look a little boxy. she says she wants to look polished. here's how i made her so good. >> let's see the next photo. >> so let me clear this. so what i want to do -- >> what do you do. >> a suit doesn't have to be boxy. this was only $45. at jcpenney and $30 for the pants, you can get a whole suit, break up and use many different ways for under $100. >> this shawl collar is a great feminine line, it doesn't have
the sharp lapel. and you want to look for something like this detail, add a longer tank that's flowy. so you still have femininity. >> kelly, you think she was worried about her midsection. >> she just had baby number three. we're talking a month or two ago. kelly looks great. this is a good outfit. there's nothing wrong with it. but she's petite. she said if i could change anything, we look at the next photo. she wanted to be a little bit taller. what i want to point out is right here she's kind of cutting herself off with the color break and this extra fabric is adding a little bit to the top. >> this black kind of keeps the line moving up and down and another big thing is this cardigan, the drape kind of comes in and creates an hourglass shape on her frame. a little flip. >> and simple. >> let's take it to jackie. we met jackie at the mall. >> i'll talk to anybody. >> jackie was visiting from the uk for her daughter's 21st birthday. her outfit had color, i loved
the scarf this was fantastic. the only thing i would have tweaked on jackie if we see the next photo, is i would have turned the color up just a little. this is a subtle change, you'll see immediately in her face, it looks brighter, it brightens her up and it ties the scarf in more. the khaki was a little bit dull for her. it's a neutral, she could pop it and it looks much better and i also tried a brighter green just to kind of show you how sometimes -- this one is a little overpowering and this one is a little dull and this one is just right. you want to look at your colors. >> we can do our next one. we have time for that. >> suzette, i want to show you a before and after quickly. if you wear glasses every day. consider this color change, we added red to her glasses, it's like adding a pop of makeup, we went from good to so good. and then -- >> last but not least. melissa, i want to show both of her pictures at the same time. because she sent me her long hair and she wanted to figure
out, this is a go-to outfit what she could do. i love the top and the hair, this gives her some height, it doesn't exaggerate this broad area. >> tweet pictures to bobbie thomas @bobbiethomas. our latest joy fit club member lost 150 pounds, we'll show you how you can do it, too!
time for another installment of the joy fit club. another inspiring member for you guys to meet today. her name is candace mccain, she's 28 years old and here is her story. >> hi, my name is candace, i have been overweight for as long as i can remember. i didn't really date that much and i never enjoyed shopping like all my friends, growing up
people always told me, you have such a pretty face in 2008 i married my husband and best friend in a size 28 wedding dress, tipping the scales at over 300 pounds, shortly after i had a doctor's appointment and learned that my blood pressure was high. i guess i convinced myself that my weight would not affect my health, i was so ashamed and for a few weeks ago i binged on food because i was so upset. one night i was sitting on the sofa and eating a fourth serving of sausage balls and i was so upset i decided to attend a weight watchers meeting. i lost 90 pounds my first year on the program and i built a great support system for people at the gym i started going to. i've lost 150 pounds, my blood pressure is normal and my overall cholesterol has dropped 100 pointsd, my lifestyle has changed dramatically. i'm so active and ran my first marath
marathon. my husband has lost 50 pounds and is working out hard to try to keep up with me. my advice is start small and keep making small changes. >> wow. i love her already. >> prepare to be blown away. and you heard her husband also lost 60 pounds, so they are going to renew their vows and she's getting a hot, slim-fitting wedding gown. >> tell us about her eating habits, what was wrong there. >> what you need to know is, this stunning woman eats, but she learned how to slim down, her favorite comfort foods, we wanted to show you a few. we'll put these recipes out on twitter and facebook. these are turkey tacos, normally each one would be more than 300 calories. both are 300, she uses lean ground turkey meat and reduced fat sauce. she has turkey pepperoni on this pizza. this is my banana ice cream. i take frozen bananas, put it in the food processor, that's it, 140 calories this one i added a
little bit of peanut butter into. and some chocolate chips, but still, under 200 calories. >> we've got to see candace's before picture. here it is. let's take a peek. candace, let's see the new you. >> whoa! wait a minute! wait a minute, candace. >> this is crazy. >> i know. can you, when you look at the old pictures or that picture right there? does it seem like it's you? >> no. i mean -- this is what i get to look at now, so no. >> do you feel great? >> i feel amazing. >> i bet you people don't even recognize you when they see you on the street. >> what do they say? >> wow. they cannot believe it it's so crazy. >> you look absolutely gorgeous and we're so happy for you and for your husband. so, congratulations. >> thank you. >> i'm going to show you guys the new pictures when they renew their vows. >> i want to thank miss
good morning. thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. >> i'm jon kelley. good to see everybody. former secretary of state hillary clinton formally announcing her support for same-sex marriage. >> lgtb americans are our colleagues, our teachers, our soldiers, our friends, our loved ones, and they are full and equal citizens and deserve the rights of citizenship. that includes marriage. that's why i support marriage for lesbian and gay couples. i support it personally and as a matter of policy and law. embedded in a broader effort to advance equality and opportunity for lgtb americans and all americans. >> this announcement was a move
by clinton that was widely anticipated after she stepped down from the obama administration. the former secretary of state is considered a top democratic contender for the 2016 presidential race. >> the red carpet is being rolled out for president obama ahead of his first visit to israel as president. last-minute preparations are under way today at the formal resident of the israeli president perez. american flags are being hoisted and red carpets rolled out for the president's visit. during his three-day visit, he will go to west bank and jordan. he will meet with leaders to talk about regional issues. israel has beefed up security ahead of the president's arrival on wednesday. >> more than 15,000 police officers involved in the police operation on a national level. more than 5,000 police officers every day from a different unit. under cover police unit, special patrol unit, fast response